A collaborative learning online database prototype where students can connect through the courses they are taking and the content they upload.


1 month

NODES was developed with the idea of allowing students to collaborate in order to increase resilience and empower one another. Learners can turn to one another as a resource and explore each others personal opinions about the content taken from a lecture. 

We tend to lose 40% of the information we hear within the first 24 hours of first reading or hearing it. Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German philosopher, developed the Curve of Forgetting in 1885. Essentially, if humans do not work with new information repeatedly, we will quickly forget it. However, we can retain almost 100% by being active learners. Students need to be doing things with the content they are learning, that's where NODES comes in.

What makes NODES unique and sets it apart from other note sharing platforms is the timeline feature. Notes are uploaded to the database and organized by real-time. To prevent repeated information, students act as editors and choose which notes have hierarchy through a rating system. The timeline comes in as an interactive information hub, allowing users to scroll horizontally and view keywords of crucial points that occurred during a class. The user can then click on specific points to expand the information and learn more. Essentially, the content taken from class is narrowed down, leaving only important and relevant information for students to interact with after class.